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January 27, 2012 will be a date that will forever be apart of One Direction’s legacy. It is the day that over 600 girls showed up at LAX just to see the boys. By the time the boys leave that number will probably triple. In the hours and minutes leading up to the boys arrival I was really emotional. Just watching the XFactor video diaries bring tears to my eyes, but happy tears. I am SO PROUD of our boys. I have seen this said a billion times today but it really is so true. They have come so far and done so much yet they still have managed to be the same boys from the XFactor. Them being in America is bittersweet even as an American Directioner. I like being able to go to school and not have to deal with directionators and I am seriously going to miss that. The boys are inevitably going to attract girls who only go to their concerts because they find them attractive not because they actually support and care about the boys and that upsets me. However, I  cannot judge every new fan. I was a new fan once but I am also an original fan. I do look forward to having more  people to fangirl over the boys with. And just remember, Directionators and new fans may never understand the boys inside jokes, references, and quirks like we do. It’s time to put on our big girl panties and support our boys no matter what. IF ANY DIRECTIONERS EVER NEED ANYTHING I WILL ALWAYS BE HERE FOR YOU. xx

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